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How to teach Stonecrafting to the Coral Buddies in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 3

Here you go little buddies.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest season has delivered nothing but quality content and interactive challenges so far.

While the challenges in Chapter Two, season two did a great job of keeping players engaged with the game, some of them were quite time-consuming, which discouraged players from grinding them. This season’s Secret Quests also follow a similar route to the weekly tasks and take players to various parts of the map to complete small favors.

Avid questers may remember Coral Buddies from the time they helped them advance to the Wood Age, which had a 25,000 XP reward. This week’s Secret Quest also features the good old Coral Buddies and they need your help once again.

This time around, the Coral Buddies are having a tough time figuring out Stonecrafting. You’ll need to pay a visit to their island located toward the north of The Shark. Bring 300 stone with you since you’ll need it to interact with them and complete the quest.

The stone resources on Coral Buddies’ island are limited at best, so we recommend doing some material farming before heading over there. Once you reach the island, you’ll notice that there are two groups of Coral Buddies. One of them will be hanging out around a stone fort, while another will be chilling next to foundations.

You’ll need to help the ones next to the foundations. An interaction prompt will appear once you get close enough. If you have enough materials, you’ll be able to interact with them. Doing so will net you 25,000 XP toward your Battle Pass. 

Considering there will be other players trying to complete this challenge, it may be best to do it in the Team Rumble game mode. Players start with 150 of each material in Team Rumble, which cuts the harvesting you’ll need to do in half.

Assuming the Coral Buddy challenges follow a pattern that started with wood, the last Secret Quest featuring them may ask players to help them become a modern civilization by giving them metal. Considering there seems to be another group of Coral Buddies on the island, this has the potential to become a second Bears vs. Gnomes, a small storyline from Chapter Two, season two.