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How to Perform a 360 Aerial Spin While Dismounting a Wolf or Boar in Fortnite

Jump, wolfie!

Image via Epic Games.

Every season of Fortnite features a collection of fun, weekly quests that can help you rapidly fill up your battle pass progress, but none are quite as extreme and rad as this latest addition.

During week seven of Fortnite Chapter Three, season three, one of the missions players are tasked with doing requires them to tame one of the wildlife out on the island, then dismount it before performing a 360-degree spin before landing back on the ground. Any CoD trickshotters will know that the mid-air 360 is a classic pro gaming maneuver, and now that performing the move is a weekly quest, there’s even more reward to doing it other than just looking cool.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Perform a 360 Aerial Spin While Dismounting a Wolf or Boar in Fortnite

Where to find wildlife you can ride in Fortnite

Since the beginning of Chapter Three, season three, players have been granted the ability to ride wither Wolves or Boars if they come across them. Wolves and boars can be found roaming pretty much anywhere around the map, but wolves, in particular, are easier to track down because of their howls.

You can hear and follow the howls, and you can make that process easier by going to settings and turning on visualized sound effects. This effect will cause your display to show you what specifically is making nearby sound effects, and what direction they are in.

In general, you’re also more likely to find wildlife in the actual wilderness instead of highly built-up landmarks like Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, and others.

How to tame wildlife and perform the 360 aerial spin

Taming wildlife is a relatively simple practice; you just have to jump directly on one to start riding it. Boars are a little trickier to tame because they will run away, but wolves will head right for you.

Once you’re on, head to a cliff or a steep hill, but make sure it’s one that you can survive a fall off of. At the top of that cliff or steep hill, charge towards the edge on your wildlife, and hit Dismount right before the edge. Use your mouse or right-stick to do a full 360-degree spin before hitting the ground.

This should complete the quest and reward you with 15K XP.