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How to get the Covert Cavern Keycard in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1

Earn a fortune.

Screengrab via Fortnite

Fortnite released the v19.20 update today, introducing a new location for players to explore.

IO finally arrived on the island, with multiple drilling sites appearing on the map. They’ve set their primary base as Covert Cavern, a mountainous location with numerous entrances. The point of interest is located to the north of Camp Cuddle and players should find it easy to identify on the map.

The location is full of IO guards, chests, and a particular NPC named Gunnar. He appeared in the Chapter Two live event, where he worked with Doctor Slone. Gunner holds the Covert Cavern Keycard and players need to eliminate him to acquire it. Moreover, he also has the mythic SMG, which has a higher damage output and recoil compared to other SMGs in the game.

Gunnar has 650 health and shield, according to HYPEX, making him a pretty beefy target to take down at close range. Adding to the trouble, he has a charge dash ability that players need to dodge at the right moment. He uses the mythic SMG, so taking him down at close range will be difficult. It’ll be easier to snipe him down from a distance. But players need to be aware of his grenades, which are harder to dodge in time.

Players should also be aware of other players in the location because the POI could become a hot drop in the days to come. After taking this NPC down, players should get their hands on the keycard and can make their way to the Vault, which also makes a return in this update. If you can’t find the Vault, then take the keycard in your hand and it should put a waypoint on the screen that leads straight to the Vault.

The Vault has a lot of resources for players, including IO chests, supply drops, ammo boxes, and lockers that have gold in them. After stocking up with the supplies, players can use the conveniently placed porta-potty, which will safely transport them out of the point of interest.