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How to get all Rewards in Fortnite Impostors Trials

Get them while they're still fresh.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic Games always seems to find a way to spice up the gameplay in Fortnite. Whether through new game modes or changes in the existing meta, there’s something new to try out for the players that keeps the game fresh.

Impostors Trials is one of the latest additions to the game and Epic’s throwing an event to celebrate its arrival. Featuring cool rewards for participants, only 5 million players will be able to participate in the event, which will start on Aug. 25 and last until Sept. 5.

Unlike regular events, you’ll need to sign up for this one through its dedicated website. There are a total of three rewards that you can unlock by playing the event and these are:

Screengrab via Epic Games
  • Hot-Headed Spray – One Badge
  • Just Between Us Emoticon – Six Badges
  • Spectral Flex Wrap – 11 Badges

To unlock these rewards, you’ll need to collect the number of badges next to them. Accumulating badges is relatively easy since you’ll just get them every time you play two Impostors matches. Once you sign up for the event, you’ll also get a Badge, meaning you’ll unlock the reward right off the bat.

Though the game mode is simple and you should pick it up during your first match, you can still give yourself an edge by studying it beforehand. There are already countless YouTube videos featuring content creators testing the mode, which can serve as a guide before you test out to mode. 

Players who would like to maintain the fun of finding out everything by themselves have nothing to worry since you don’t need to win your matches to gain Badges. Participating will be enough. The rewards will only be available throughout the event, so you’ll have until Sept. 5 to collect them. While almost everyone in the event will equip them for the time being, these rewards can become quite rare over time.

As the event will wrap on Sept. 5, players will have eight days to prepare for the new season that’s likely to bring events of its own.