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How to find Batman in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7

Track down the caped crusader today.

Image via Epic Games

After months of waiting, one of DC’s most famous heroes is finally able to be obtained in Fortnite. Unlike most other skins in the game, you won’t have to acquire Batman’s iconic outfit in the Item Shop. Instead, you’ll have to buy the Season seven battle pass and earn him via challenges.

One of the main challenges players will face is a new set of quests for Superman, Beast Boy, and Armored Batman Zero, who are all now located around the island.

While the challenge tells you relatively where to go on your map, it doesn’t label the locations for any of the heroes. This means you’ll have to guess which locations correspond with each character under normal circumstances.

Screengrab via Fortnite

Armored Batman Zero can be found over by the Dirty Docks point-of-interest in the map, located towards the center-right side of the island. Once you’re there, go towards the south side of that POI and look for the two cranes by the water; he should be located on the ground near them.

The challenges that Armored Batman Zero gives out change every match, but some examples seen in-game include “defeat an alien” and “fly a saucer.” Obviously, these may not be the same in your specific match, but it gives you a good example. 

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to complete quests at all three character locations in order to unlock Batman. It might be best to start working on them as soon as possible if you want to unlock him, especially since they change.