How to Extinguish Fires on Structures with Slurp in Fortnite

Slurp the flame in the Fire Wild Week Quests!

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Fortnite Chapter three season two is coming to an end, and there are only a few days left for players to complete all the challenges to get cosmetics from the battle pass. Besides Daily, Weekly, Seasonal, and Milestone Quests, players will come across various limited-time Quests that offer a ton of XP for completing certain challenges. The Fire Wild Week Quests has a set of challenges, and one of them requires players to extinguish fires on structures with Slurp in Fortnite. While this challenge sounds difficult at first, it is one of the easiest in the game, and you can complete it within minutes. 

The Fire with Fire Week has brought back some of the popular fire-damage-inflicting weapons in the game, like the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun and Primal Flame Bow, and increased the spawn rate for Firefly Jars. During this week, players will also find Chug Cannons in increased supply. These can be found as ground loot and in chests, making them readily available for players to complete the Fire Wild Week Quests in Fortnite.

Here’s how to extinguish fires on structures with Slurp in Fortnite.

Where to Extinguish Fires on Structures with Slurp in Fortnite?

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While no exact location is required to complete this challenge, you can complete it at any preferred location. Players will earn 12,000 XP for extinguishing 100 fires on structures with Slurp. Since no specific location is needed to complete this challenge, we recommend players land in the area east of The Joneses POI. Check the map image above to see locations for Slurp Barrels and Fireflies. The red circles denote the areas where you can find Slurp Barrels, while the yellow circles show positions to collect Fireflies.

You can ideally land at this spot, collect Firefly Jars, head towards the small shack or the Gas Station, and ignite the wall next to the Slurp Barrels. Once that’s done, use your harvesting tool to break the Slurp Barrels to extinguish the fire on the structures nearby. Players can also throw the Firefly Jars to ignite a tree and follow up by throwing a Chug Splash to extinguish fires on structures with Slurp.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Igniting a structure and then extinguishing the fire with Slurp helps players progress in two challenges at once in the Fire Wild Week Quests. Using the Chug Cannon to extinguish fires on structures is another method, but remember, the Chug Cannon takes two inventory slots. You can purchase chug Cannons with Gold Bars, and you will also find them as ground loot and in chests. If you find enemies in these areas, it is best to collect the Firefly Jars and move to a different spot to complete this challenge.