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How to eliminate Doctor Doom at Doom’s Domain in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 4

Take out one of the most evil villains from day one.

Image via Marvel Comics

Chapter Two, season four of Fortnite just hit the live servers and introduced many familiar faces from the Marvel universe, such as Thor, Wolverine, Storm, Mystique, Groot, She-Hulk, and Doctor Doom. The heroes will be going against Galactus once again, but with the help of Fortnite characters this time around.

Like previous seasons, this one has its own battle pass and a number of weekly challenges will be introduced as the season progresses to help players hit the maximum level. Almost all of the heroes will be available through the battle pass as skins, in addition to their other equipment, like gliders and back bling.

The first week of challenges already went live with the patch and a total of eight tasks will greet you once you load up Fortnite for the first time this season. Seven of these challenges reward players with 25,000 XP upon completion, while one of them has a 50,000 XP reward, lowering the total weekly XP reward from 245,000 to 225.000 XP.

One of the first week’s challenges requires players to “Eliminate Doctor Doom at Doom’s Domain.” But finding the infamous villain could be a challenge in itself on the slightly newer map.

Where to find Doctor Doom in Fortnite 

Fortunately, Doctor Doom chose a rather popular point of interest as his Domain. You’ll notice that Pleasant Park is now marked as Doom’s Domain on the map and many other players will be gliding there to complete this quest right off the bat.

Doctor Doom doesn’t seem to have a fixed spawn around his Domain, however, so you’ll need to take a look around to spot him. His scarily tall statue will welcome you once you land at Doom’s Domain and chances are he’s hiding in a nearby spot. Check the open soccer field, in the middle of the landmark first, however, since it seems to be the most common spot for him to lurk around.

You’ll need to eliminate him three times. The quest can be challenging considering the number of people who will also be attempting to complete it at the same time.

While eliminating Doom isn’t that hard once you have your eyes on him, completing this challenge during off-hours or when the majority of the player base has finished this quest could be ideal in terms of time efficiency.

Successfully eliminating Doctor Doom will reward players with 50,000 XP.