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How to discover Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Laboratory in Fortnite

Don't forget to bring a housewarming gift with you as well.

Image via Epic Games

It’s quite difficult for Epic Games to hide any surprises due to the immense number of talented dataminers within the Fortnite community. All challenges for Fortnite Chapter two, season four’s seventh week were leaked prior to their release, and it’s a mix of easy quests alongside some time-consuming ones.

One of the challenges’ of week seven requires players to discover Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Laboratory, where he seems to be running underground experiments. If you’ve been gone for a while, Iron Man turned the area where Frenzy Farm was located into the new headquarters of Stark Industries with hopes of building a weapon that can stop Galactus.

Finding the hidden laboratory will award players with 25,000 XP toward this season’s Battle Pass. Considering the Marvel characters that are only unlockable through leveling up and progressing through the Battle Pass, weekly challenges and punch cards became even more important.

Where to discover Tony Stark’s Hidden Lake House Laboratory in Fortnite Chapter two, season four?

Stark Industries is a huge landmark that you can easily get lost in. Fortunately, you’ll only need to look for a small cottage located next to the only lake in the area. 

As you start getting close to the lake house while landing, you’ll notice a gigantic bush that’s covering the right side of the house. It doesn’t take a keen eye to realize that this bush is relatively larger than the average ones you can find around the map, and it takes more than a couple of hits to tear it down.

Once destroyed, a door will appear, which you’ll need to destroy as well. The quest should complete itself after you step inside the laboratory, and you’ll be welcomed with a handful of rare loot chests.

The lab will be filled with robots and metals you can harvest, and it’s also possible to find a spare Iron Man suit.

Due to the loot that this room drops, it’s highly possible that veteran players in regular matches will swarm this hidden laboratory. We recommend completing this quest in the Team Rumble game mode since you start with 150 of each material to give yourself a fighting chance from the beginning. Being able to respawn after getting knocked out is also a great way to make sure you complete the quest in a single go.