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How to dance in front of different birthday cakes in Fortnite

Onward to another great year.

Image via Epic Games

It feels like the simpler times when no one knew how to build. Fortnite just turned three years old today, and Epic announced that it would be celebrating the occasion in style.

The Birthday Bash event features awesome rewards in the shape of a back bling, a gun skin, and emotes. Completing all the birthday challenges will also reward players with 80,000 XP, which makes the event more than worth it considering how stacked this season’s Battle Pass is.

There are a total of five challenges to complete in the event, and one of them requires players to dance around 10 birthday cakes scattered around the Fortnite map. Challenges like this are usually hard to complete when they first go live since dancing out in the open also means you’ll be a sitting duck. This quest, however, looks to have conquered the heart of many Fortnite fans, and you’ll see many players trying to dance in peace around the birthday cakes.

Here are all the birthday cake locations you’ll need to hit to complete this quest.

Where are all the birthday cakes in the Fortnite 3rd-year anniversary event?

It looks like most of the birthday cakes are located in the center of some of the most popular landmarks.

You’ll need to head over to Retail Row for the first one and it’s located toward the right of the city. It’s quite out in the open, and you should notice its blue table alongside other players who are having a dance party without you.

The second cake isn’t that far from the first one since it’s just in the middle of Lazy Lake. You can easily make your way here with a car or building yourself a ramp to activate your glider in the Team Rumble game mode.

The third one’s a bit far from the first two, and you’ll find inside Slurpy Swamp. It will be waiting for you inside the rather large parking lot in the city.

The fourth one’s one of the few you could miss since it’s inside a house in Sweeping Woods. Unlike other birthday cakes, this one’s slightly off the landmark’s center, and you’ll need to go toward the north after making your way to Sweeping Woods.

The fifth birthday cake could require you to rejoin a match since the circle can be too small for you to get it after dancing in front of four birthday cakes in one game. It’s located in Doom’s Domain, a.k.a. Pleasant Park, and it’s on a sidewalk close to Doom’s statue.

The sixth statue is in Salty Springs, a landmark quite close to Doom’s Domain. The cake will be toward the right of the town. Salty Springs is relatively small compared to the other points of interest, so you should be able to see the cake as soon as you get to the location. 

The seventh is one of the more accessible cakes to locate if you’re a frequent looter of Sweaty Sands. This location isn’t too far away from Salty Springs, and the cake will be just outside of the pier’s entrance.

For the eighth birthday cake, you’ll need to make your way toward the bottom of the map once again and set your destination to Holly Hedges. The cake is in the upper part of Holly Hedges, inside a small parking lot.

The ninth birthday cake will be waiting for you in Misty Meadows, and you’ll need to cross the bridge to the right side of the landmark. The cake will be next to the water fountain.

You’ll find the final cake in Dirty Docks. It won’t be in the center of the map, however, so you’ll need to get to the upper part of the landmark. The birthday cake is located in a small alleyway, and you can notice it from above if you approach the destination with your glider.

We recommend completing this quest in the Team Rumble game mode since you’ll be able to activate your glider after jumping off heights to move faster. Considering the zone shrinks relatively smaller in this game mode, and you can respawn after getting knocked out, the odds of completing the whole challenge in one game increase drastically. Dancing or emoting for around three to four seconds will be enough to trigger the quest, and you’ll be able to move onto the next one.

There’ll also be birthday cake slices circling the gigantic cake, and consuming them will grant you five shields. It’s a low amount of protection, but you could take note where the birthday cakes are to make pit stops in your ranked matches until the event runs out.

You don’t have to complete this quest in the order we’ve done either since all the birthday cakes spawn at the same time. You’ll need to complete four other quests to complete the birthday event, however.