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How to collect Mech Parts from fishing holes in Fortnite

Let's put this Mech back together.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The quests in Resistance week nine have Fortnite players going fishing, but not for the usual catches. Instead, The Seven are trying to rebuild their Mech. Unfortunately, those Mech Parts are scattered around and can only be found by fishing them out of fishing holes.

While this quest is relatively simple to complete, the wording of the quest might trip some players up. Don’t worry, however. Once you’ve got your fishing rod and find a fishing hole, finding the three necessary Mech Parts will be a breeze.

Here’s how to collect Mech Parts from fishing holes in Fortnite.

How to fish for Mech Parts in Fortnite

The first thing players will want to do is find a fishing pole. This is easy enough since fishing poles spawn on the ground and in chests. Players can save their time, however, by heading to lakes and other bodies of water on the map that have docks. There’s usually barrels full of fishing rods that spawn on these docks and players can get the fishing pole they need while already close to some fishing holes.

Next, players should look for a fishing hole. These fishing holes can be found by finding a circle of bubbly water. Players can find Mech Parts in any fishing hole on the map, so you don’t need to worry about looking for specific ones.

Once the player has found a fishing hole, they can equip their fishing rod and begin fishing at the hole. After a few tries, players should see the metallic Mech Parts floating on the surface of the fishing hole itself and can swim out to grab them. Fishing holes can spawn more than one Mech Part, and some players might be lucky enough to get all three Mech Parts at one fishing hole before it disappears.

If a fishing hole does disappear before you get all three Mech Parts, don’t worry. Just move on to the next fishing hole and keep on fishing.