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How much XP is needed for each level in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2?

Slower in the beginning, faster in the end.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite kicked off the second season of its third chapter recently, introducing meta-defining changes to the game and a stacked battle pass.

The battle pass, featuring names like Doctor Strange and many original characters, serves as the main incentive to level up in Fortnite. Completing weekly and daily challenges will be enough to maximize a battle pass, but the leveling system was also tweaked in the new season.

The leveling system in Fortnite used to start off with 40,000 XP and would top out at 80,000 XP to level up at level 21. This meant that players would have an easier time unlocking content and catching up to the rest of the player base if they were late to the season until level 21.

At time of writing, we were able to level up our battle pass to 30 in Fortnite Chapter three, season two, and the XP requirement for each level so far has been 75,000 XP.

Based on our findings and the data presented on FortniteXP, players will need 75,000 XP for each level in Fortnite Chapter Three, season two. The change will allow players to level up faster after 21, but getting to level 21 may take longer than expected.

Considering the number of available challenges in the game, players will have something to do in every match to gain experience. Later in the season, Epic Games could also introduce Level Up tokens, which allow players to gain a level whenever they find one on the map.

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