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Here’s why Tfue finally bought his first skin

Is Tfue still considered "King of the No-Skins?"

Image via Tfue

FaZe Clan star Turner “Tfue” Tenney is no longer a default no-skin for the first time since his rise to the top of Fortnite: Battle Royale esports.

Tfue bought the Bullseye skin for 800 V-bucks on-stream late last night because he reached 100,000 retweets on a single tweet. Once he got to that amount of retweets, he cashed in his V-bucks and told the story behind why he finally caved in.

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Fortnite developer Epic Games supposedly reached out to Tfue on Monday Nov. 5, asking if he’d be interested in accessing the new NFL skins alongside other Twitch streamers. The FaZe star, who won the Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon last month, respectfully declined the offer, but Epic gave him the skin anyway.

Tfue seemed disappointed when telling the story, since he has a reputation for not using skins. Coincidentally, he looks like the Jonesy default no-skin in person, and even did a hilarious cosplay for Rift Raiders, a Fortnite club amongst popular streamers.

Tfue had to hide his locker inventory in-game prior to his tweet, otherwise fans would know that he had accepted Epic’s offer for the NFL skins.

In earlier seasons, Tfue bought every single skin in the game before his first account was banned due to playing on another account. Since then, he’s refused to use or buy skins at all on his new account—until last night. Tfue’s first game with a skin featured the Cleveland Browns version of the football skin as a sort of act of spite towards Epic, since the Browns are regarded as the worst teams in the NFL.

Tfue admitted that he built up the hype and did it for the “clout,” or popularity/fame on Twitter. But in the end, he’s still upset that Epic Games ruined his account and that he couldn’t be a default Jonesy forever.