Fortnite’s v6.22 update brought the closing of Durr Burger and the opening of an internet cafe

Most of the map is still the same after the update.

Image via Epic Games

A number of map changes were made in Fortnite: Battle Royale’s newest update, v6.22.

There’s now a food truck war on the Battle Royale island between Durr Burger and Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit. The Durr Burger restaurant in Greasy Grove is also now closed, so that means both restaurant chains are mobile and ready to take over the island’s business.

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Paradise Palms has a new addition as well, called “Keyboard King.” It’s an internet cafe with a number of glowing PC setups that you’d expect from esports stars. To see the Keyboard King for yourself, drop into the center Paradise Palms. You might have to fight off a few enemies before you can fully check it out, though.

In Pleasant Park, a football field replaced the soccer pitch to commemorate the game’s partnership with the NFL. There also seems to be some sort of announcer booth added on the west side of the field, across the street from the wooded houses. The only thing that’s the same in the area is the chest in the middle, whose spot in the grass remains untouched.

Retail Row also underwent a few changes, with the closing of the Halloween shop on the east end. The Noms sign has also returned on the northeast building of the popular point of interest, but the layout of the building still remains the same.

A small detail that some may glance over, however, is that the corrupted areas have grass growing. This could mean that the island is starting to go back to normal.