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Fortnite’s Logjam Lumberyard now features previous Chapter’s POIs

Logjam is now four different POIs

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite‘s map is constantly evolving in unique ways and introducing players to a whole new island to explore. With three chapters under its belt, some thought Epic Games was running out of new ways to showcase the map. The Reality Tree has grown into Logjam Lumberyard, however, changing it to feature popular POIs from the first two chapters.

The Reality Tree is a giant tree that feeds off the energy of the Zero Point, which is currently exposed in Loot Lake. This tree is blossoming, as shown by the Reality Falls biome and the ethereal petals coming off the top. In recent weeks, the roots have expanded and grown into other POIs, like Logjam Lumberyard.

Now the tree is having a strange effect on the surrounding POI, changing it into something else. Fans of the past few seasons will recognize the new POIs that are featured inside Logjam Lumberyard, because they come from past seasons. Logjam Lumberyard’s theme will change each game between Coral Castle, Lazy Lagoon, Colossal Coliseum, and Tilted Town.

More POIs are expected to return in the coming weeks as the Reality Tree continues to spread its roots across the island. The map-changing Logjam each match isn’t unique, and players will likely see more versions of the island when the roots get stronger.

This isn’t the only effect the Reality Tree has had on the island, as players can find the Reality Saplings dotting the map. They stay consistent in every match unless someone chops them down, and they provide the player with plenty of loot. As the season progresses, players are likely to see more of the Reality Tree’s power.