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Fortnite’s got a bot problem, as this video proves

Bots might be slightly overpowered.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players have mixed feelings about the game right now. Some players are fine with its current state and are enjoying all the new content introduced in Chapter Two, season two, while others are upset about the presence of skill-based matchmaking.

Another issue players are starting to have a problem with is the skill level of bots, which was highlighted in a recent video that shows a bot almost kill a player while gliding without missing a shot.

The clip showed the player gliding back down to the map.

They began to take fire from another player and were hit several times. The damage almost killed the player, but they were able to land and regain health before engaging the enemy. After a brief firefight, the player eliminated the enemy and discovered it was a bot that almost killed them.

Bots are present in Fortnite to fill lobbies if needed and generally aren’t difficult to eliminate. Sometimes, they can kill players who aren’t paying attention or are just having a bad game. But the bot in this clip didn’t miss a single shot while firing at the player in the air. This is a tough thing for real players to achieve and something a bot shouldn’t be able to do.

Another user pointed out in the comments that bots can also hit impressive sniper shots, linking to this video as proof:

Players should clearly be careful the next time they encounter a bot because they just might be the best player in the lobby.