"X Marks The Spot" is driving Fornite players crazy | Dot Esports

Fortnite players are going crazy with the “X marks the spot” riddle from the season 8 teaser

There are more of them than players can think of.

Image via Epic Games

The first Fortnite: Battle Royale season eight teaser came out yesterday with a short riddle. It starts with “X marks the spot,” and goes on to say that there will be plenty of treasure in season eight.

Despite this teaser being short and probably not an indicator of something huge in season eight, Fortnite players are going crazy and trying to find the “X” that marks the spot.

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Fortnite’s subreddit has since seen several posts by fans saying they found an “X” in a painting in Wailing Woods, on rocks around hills, and even on a pickaxe loosely related to Pleasant Park. There are too many of them carved in hard materials, and players can spend the whole week finding small new ones that could also mean something.

Meanwhile, other players are messing with people who are desperately trying to find the “X.” A player found that a certain grass pattern has several marks that resemble an “X” that are everywhere, while a second player found that this is just part of the grass’ texture that has always been like that.

A few players also got tired of looking for this mark and instead made their own, like one with two Driftboards and a very special one using an image editor to put an “X” over the entire Tilted Towers area.

It's unclear what this “X” is and what it really means to the game or season eight. Players will have to wait just a bit more, though, since Fortnite season eight starts on Thursday, Feb. 28.