Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z island code: How to join the DBZ island

Enjoy some of the best locations from the DBZ universe.

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Fortnite has proven itself as the master of establishing brand deals that see some of the most popular characters and entertainment franchises in the game. Developer Epic Games has clearly had its eyes on anime crossovers in the last year with Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Dragan Ball Z Super all getting their own. The current Dragon Ball Z crossover comes with an Adventure Island in Creative.

On this island, players will be able to collect Dragon Balls and visit some of their favorite locations from the show. Here’s all the information you need to know about the Adventure Island code in the Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite crossover.

What is the Island Code for Fortnite’s DBZ Adventure Island?

Like with other Creative maps, you’ll need to know the Island Code or hope you find it on the game’s Discover page. Obviously joining with the Island Code is easier, and players can do so by inputting “5642-8525-5429” into the Island Code screen. This should immediately make the Adventure Island pop-up, allowing players to hit “Play” to begin joining a lobby.

In Adventure Island, players are free to live out their own adventures inside of the Dragon Ball universe by visiting some iconic locations, with just a few being Kami’s Place, Goku’s House, Room of Spirit & Time, and Capsule Corp.

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There are obstacle courses and collectibles spread all around the Adventure Island map, so players should make sure they’re looking in every corner. There are Dragon Balls spread across the map that players can search for to get their wish granted by Shenron.

That’s all you need to know about how to get to Adventure Island from the Dragon Ball crossover in Fortnite.

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