Fortnite v21.51 update blasts its way to Fortnite

Fight fire with fire?

Image via Epic Games

After the standard Fortnite maintenance, Epic Games shared the details of the latest update, v21.51. Since Epic is returning Fire with Fire Week from Sept. 7 to 13, some of the best weapons are making their return like Primal Flame Bows and Dragon’s Breath Shotguns. To fully breathe life into Fire with Fire Week, Firefly Jars, and Chug Cannons can now be found on the ground more often. Although incredibly fun, Fire with Fire Week won’t be featured in competitive playlists.

In other news, Epic is making drastic changes to purchases, cancellations, and social settings with the v21.51 update. Thankfully, now you’ll have to hold a button to complete a purchase, and you’ll be able to cancel in-game cosmetic purchases until you equip them or 24 hours pass. On top of that, you can now save payment information.

When it comes to voice comms, Epic now allows you to freely choose if you want to voice chat with “Everybody,” “Friends and Teammates,” “Friends Only,” or “Nobody,” with an option for parents to limit these settings. Besides, Parent Control has been moved up in the main menu.

And lastly, Epic introduced new methods for punishing toxic behavior. Now, players can be banned from, for example, using voice chat or even adding new friends.

In conclusion, v21.51 didn’t bring about any game-changing content or fresh skins that would entertain us for the next two weeks. So, we’ll just sit patiently and wait for the next update.