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Fortnite v21.20 hotfix adds new summer POI, Bargain Bin weekend, and the Combat AR

Get rid of all that extra gold this weekend.

Pile of Gold Bars from fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is constantly evolving, whether it’s with the season changes, the biweekly content updates, or the weekly hotfixes that come in between. The most recent hotfix introduced some new locations, Bargain Bin week, and unvaulted an old weapon.

There have been a lot of rumors about when the summer event would be happening since Fortnite has had past years’ events before this time in July. But now, it looks like players will finally be getting their celebration since Epic Games has begun to construct a new POI near the Sanctuary Statue. The POI looks to be two floating platforms that were teased last week.

When these platforms were first found in the game’s files, it was pointed out that they had the word “Summer” in the file name. Now that they’re in the game a week before the next content update, it points to the No Sweat Summer event potentially starting next week. If these platforms are the skate park found in the game’s files, it could point to the leaked skating mechanic being a part of the summer update.

Fortnite has also started Bargain Bin weekend, which discounts what players have to pay for character services like recruitment or exotic items. Bargain Bin week will start this Friday, July 15, at 8am CT and runs until Monday, July 18, at 8am CT. There will also be new gold bar-related objectives for players to complete.

Additionally, the Combat Assault Rifle has been unvaulted in the standard battle royale modes. The Common Combat AR does 19 damage per shot and about 171 damage per second, with a reload time of 3.4 seconds. Both the Combat AR and Bargain Bin weekend won’t be accessible in the competitive game modes.