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Fortnite v12.20 update goes live tomorrow

Helicopters, perhaps?

Image via Epic Games

The next update for Fortnite is set to be released tomorrow, including new features and bug fixes. 

Epic Games, the developer of the immensely popular battle royale, said earlier today that the latest Fortnite update will go live tomorrow following downtime that’s set to begin at 3am CT. 

Although Epic hasn’t teased any upcoming content, fans are already delving into speculation. Some have requested that Epic introduce the Helicopters that were seen in the Chapter Two, season two trailer in February. Since then, there hasn’t been any news regarding the introduction of these vehicles, but they could arrive tomorrow. 

Other players have asked Epic to introduce tournaments, including FaZe Clan pro Mongraal. Players want the Cash Cups to make a return in the update so competitors have other online tournaments to participate in. 

Epic will likely implement a new limited-time mode for casual players, which could involve the agent storyline from Chapter Two, season two.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Epic is seemingly looking to provide more content for players who could be stuck inside. Countries like Italy, which is one of the most affected by the virus, has seen an increase in online traffic and games like Fortnite have seen a player spike, according to a report from Bloomberg

Typically, there will be several leaks before the update is released, but it’s unclear if Epic will make patch notes available.