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Are helicopters being added to Fortnite?

Not yet, at least.

Image via Epic Games

The latest trailer for Fortnite Chapter Two, season two has triggered rampant speculation regarding a new mode of transportation—a helicopter.

A helicopter can be seen flying over the base and seemingly landed on a helicopter pad that’s placed on top of the roof of the agency building featured in the reveal trailer. As with most items this season, it’s golden. Blink and you’ll miss it, the helicopter shot only lasts a couple of seconds. 

Screengrab via Epic Games

The new points of interest that have been added to Fortnite Chapter Two, season two have shown off a different helicopter, however.

Epic Games hasn’t released patch notes for this season yet, much like previous seasons toward the latter half of Chapter One and the beginning of Chapter Two. But it looks like helicopters haven’t been added into the game itself. Since helicopters will likely be playable vehicles, Epic could have removed their implementation to eliminate the possibility of another delay.

Epic has a history of implementing new methods of transportation. At the beginning of Chapter Two in October, drivable boats were added to the game. They were equally as useful on land as they were at sea, surprisingly. 

This isn’t the first time that helicopters have been seen in Fortnite, though. In Chapter One, there were several helicopters that moved around the map strangely, but they weren’t driveable and couldn’t be interacted with. 

Since helicopters have been added to the trailer, it’s highly likely that they’ll become playable soon. They could be added in the next patch, which will address most of the bugs from this season.