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Fortnite teases Darth Vader, seems to confirm previous battle pass leaks

The newest Fortnite crossover might have been confirmed during the Collision event.

Darth vader can be seen locking lightsabers with a hooded figure through the Zero Point
Image via @FNBRIntel on Twitter

Fortnite Chapter Three, season two has come to an end with the climactic Collision event. During the event, players were greeted with a glimpse at a potentially leaked Chapter Three, season three skin through the Zero Point, seemingly confirming that it will be coming to the game in the near future. According to a brief clip shown through a different reality, Darth Vader will be coming to Fortnite soon.

During the event, players were forced to defend the Zero Point as it climbed towards the Collider, set to explode and kill everything living on the Island. As it climbed alongside the player, it began to flash and show different realities. One of them showed a hooded figure clashing their lightsaber with Darth Vader.

There have been many rumors circulating that Fortnite‘s next season could feature a lot of Star Wars content, but that’s yet to be proven. There have been few Star Wars teasers from Epic Games outside of the previous Darth Vader leak and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Fortnite‘s next season is called “VIBIN” and already features a lo-fi soundtrack screen that players can watch while they wait for downtime to start later tonight. Some of the Battle Pass skins have been shown so far, and they look to be relaxed characters in tune with the season’s new name. This is a far reach from what some players were calling a Star Wars season a couple of weeks ago.

While players wait for the next season to learn more about Darth Vader, they can listen to the soundtrack in the game or via any of Fortnite‘s streaming channels.