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Fortnite’s shopping carts were re-enabled, and then disabled again soon after

Today is a weird day.

Image via Epic Games

It was a long weekend of Fortnite: Battle Royale, as players around the globe suffered without their trusty shopping carts to ride around the map and launch off of ramps to their deaths.

Thankfully, the pain is over. The nightmare has ended. Shopping carts have now been re-enabled in-game.

Epic Games first disabled shopping carts on June 16 due to an unspecified bug. That was the last that was heard about the subject until this afternoon, when the developer tweeted out that they were available once again.

Shopping carts have added a fun wrinkle to Fortnite. They allow two players—one pushing the cart from behind, and another sitting inside of it—to move about the map a bit quicker than they could if they were on foot. Players have had more fun riding them up and down ramps like roller coasters, however.

The video above, featuring a rogue shopping cart out on a quest for revenge, is especially hilarious. It’s things like this, coupled with Fortnite’s in-game replay system, that have made the game fun and easily shareable on social media the past few months.

It was certainly a dark weekend without the shopping cart around to enjoy, but the issue only took about four days to hammer out. Hopefully all of the bugs have been squashed and players can continue to race around the map with reckless abandon without interruptions for the foreseeable future.

Update: June 20, 12:50pm CT. False alarm. Shopping carts have once again been disabled due to “ongoing issues.”