Fortnite: Season 8 Week 2 Challenges Guide | Dot Esports

Fortnite’s season 8, week 2 challenges will send you all over the map

It might take several games to complete these tasks.

Image via Epic Games

The second week of challenges in the latest season of Fortnite: Battle Royale is now live.

Season eight began last week—and the first set of Battle Pass challenges asked players to visit Pirate Camps and three giant faces. This week, though, players will have to land at some interesting spots and use the new Pirate Cannons.

As always, there are three free challenges for all players, as well as four premium tasks for anyone who owns the season eight Battle Pass. You can complete these missions by playing default modes (Solo, Duos, or Squads) and Limited Time Modes. You won’t be able to progress through these tasks in Playground and Creative matches, however.

Here are all of the challenges for week two of the Fortnite season eight Battle Pass.

Free challenges

Stage one: Land at The Block
Stage two: Land at Dusty Divot
Stage three: Land at Polar Peak
Stage four: Land at Snobby Shores
Stage five: Land at Paradise Palms
1 Battle Star per stage
Deal damage to descending Supply Drops (0/200)5 Battle Stars
Eliminations at Salty Springs or Haunted Hills10 Battle Stars

Premium challenges

Stage one: Gain health from Apples (0/25)
Stage two: Gain health from Campfires (0/50)
Stage three: Gain health using Med Kits (0/75)
5 Battle Stars in total
Visit the furthest North, South, East, and West points of the island5 Battle Stars
Deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon (0/100)10 Battle Stars
Search a Chest in different Named Locations in a single match (0/3)10 Battle Stars