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Fortnite’s v8.00 patch notes reveal a volcano and new named locations coming in season 8

Welcome to Fortnite's season eight.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale has just received its first season eight patch notes with the v8.00 update this morning. All players are officially ready to know what’s new in this Fortnite season.

The guesses we made based on the clues Epic Games gave to us over the past week have been proved right. Fortnite’s new season will feature a volcano, fire, and lots of lava.

Epic has revealed a cinematic trailer that the company published on Twitter, and players can watch it below.


A volcano has risen on the Fortnite island, apparently where Wailing Woods used to be. It has led to changes in named locations and has now created areas like Sunny Steps, apparently where Tomato Temple used to be, and Lazy Lagoon, which should be where Lazy Links was before.

Lava and Volcanic Vents

Fortnite players will see new elements around the island. Lava is a hot, fiery surface that will deal one damage to the player when they touch it, and it will launch them backward.

Volcanic Vents, on the other hand, will send players and vehicles flying when moving over them.

Party Assist

Fortnite season eight will let players pick a challenge from their Battle Pass to share its progression with friends in their party. Whenever a challenge has the party assist feature turned on while in a party, the player who turned it on will see their friends’ actions help with their own progression of that challenge.

Vaulted Items

No weapons were vaulted, but Sneaky Snowmans, Chiller Grenades, X-4 Stormwings, All-Terrain Karts, and Shopping Carts are no longer available in Fortnite.

Pirate Cannon

While we didn’t get the pirate boat many players were eager to see, there will be Pirate Cannons spread around the Fortnite island. Players will be able to use it to burst through structures and deal massive damage to their opponents.

Pirate Cannons deal 100 damage with direct hits and 50 damage within its cannon ball explosion radius. Players can also launch themselves with it.

Players saw four teaser images leading up to season eight, and they could all be put together to form a bigger one. Even though the patch notes are already out, it might still take a few hours to see all of the new Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite’s season eight will be available in all countries in a few hours. The server downtime for the update started at 3am CT on Thursday and should take some time to complete. Players should be able to leave their game client open to download the update, though, so they’re ready to play once the servers are back online.