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How to unlock Ruin’s back bling and pickaxe with the Ruin Challenges

Six easy challenges will reward you with additional exclusive items.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Ruin skin is now available, and any player who owns the season eight premium Battle Pass can unlock it after completing 55 weekly challenges. This is a season-exclusive skin that players can only obtain until May 8, when it should become unavailable to anyone who hasn’t unlocked it by then.

Dedicated players who now own Ruin still have a few more tasks to complete to unleash its full cosmetic potential. Ruin is just an outfit, but it comes with a set of six challenges that award the owner with the Dying Light back bling and the Dread pickaxe. You get the first one after completing three challenges, and the second one after finishing all six challenges.

Players who don’t own Ruin can’t access the Ruin Challenges.

Screengrab via Epic Games

We’ve listed all six challenges for players who haven’t unlocked Ruin yet but still want to check them out. After the list, we’ve added tips on how to quickly complete them.

Ruin Challenges

  • Destroy trees (50)
  • Destroy rocks (35)
  • Destroy cars, trucks or RVs (20)
  • Deal damage to opponent structures (10,000)
  • Outlast opponents (1,000)
  • Complete Daily Challenges (5)


  • Dying Light back bling (after completing three challenges)
  • Dread pickaxe (after completing six challenges)

Tips and tricks

Any challenge that requires players to “destroy” something, regardless if it’s trees, rocks, and vehicles, doesn’t necessarily mean to harvest them. If you want to shoot trees, rocks, and vehicles down with your guns, explode them with grenades and rockets, or run them down with a vehicle, you’ll also be able to progress through the challenges. Grabbing a vehicle like the Quadcrasher and going to the jungle biome will surely help you to complete the trees challenge quickly.

Dealing damage to opponent structures is way easier if you have an explosive weapon. Try launching grenades at your opponents or exploding them with rocket launchers. Structures your opponents have left behind also count for this challenge.

After you finish off these challenges, you’ll own the full Ruin set in your Locker.