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Fortnite reveals Coachella-themed music and cosmetics

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Image via Epic Games

Coachella is the yearly celebration of music in California that draws in attendees from across the globe. The event has become known for having the most popular artists on stage and being a hotbed for influencers and other entertainment personalities. Fortnite is getting its own Coachella crossover, complete with hit music and new skins to celebrate the festivities.

Fortnite announced the crossover in a tweet this morning that shows some of the different skins players will be able to unlock. The skins are expected to hit the item shop tonight and will last through this weekend and the next.

Players who don’t get to experience the concert in person should turn any radio to the Icon station. For the length of the event, the Icon radio station will be playing hits from all the top artists at Coachella this year. In addition, 30 artists from the concert lineup will have their songs featured on Icon radio.

The first Coachella content drop happens tonight, April 14, at 7pm CT. The first skin will be Wilder and Lyric, two new outfits meant to resemble the attendees at Coachella. Each style comes with its own set of matching cosmetics and styles.

The Wilder outfit comes with a neon pickaxe that has a colorful shark on its end. The back bling and wrap also match this same style, with a colorful neon shark for each. In addition, the Wilder outfit comes with the Cosmic Equalizer alt style, which is responsive to music.

The Lyric outfit takes the style in a different direction with a pickaxe that resembles a glowing guitar. The character’s back bling is a colorful cactus that looks electrified. Like the Wilder outfit, Lyric comes with a Cosmic Equalizer alt style, also reactive to music.

The next outfits to drop will come on April 21 at 7pm CT. The new drop will feature the Alto and Poet skins, both reactive to music. Alto comes with a palm tree pickaxe and a smiley face back bling, which also reacts to music. Poet comes with a space helmet back bling, a pickaxe with reactive bars, and a wrap that introduces some pop to the different weapons and vehicles.

In addition to the new music and cosmetics, Fortnite will be holding a new Fortography contest. Epic encourages players to be themselves and show how they’re celebrating Coachella in Fortnite on social media. Epic will select the best and show them off in a blog post on April 29. Fans who want to participate should use the hashtag #Fortography or use the Fortography tag on Reddit.

Whether players log in to get the new cosmetics or just want to listen to some jams, Fortnite fans will be able to enjoy the event starting tonight at 7pm CT.

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