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Fortnite pros react to XXiF’s qualification for the Fortnite World Cup

He secured a spot a month after being suspended for 14 days for cheating in the qualifiers.

Image via Epic Games

A Fortnite player previously punished for cheating during the World Cup Qualifiers has qualified for the main event. And lots of pros aren’t happy.

XXiF and Ronaldo qualified for the World Cup Duos competition in yesterday’s qualifiers. They placed third in North America East’s week eight and secured themselves a spot for the Finals in late July. This came a month after they received a 14-day ban from competitive Fortnite for collusion and teaming in the week-three Solo qualifiers.

Fortnite streamer and caster Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo wrote he doubts XXiF and Ronaldo cheated again, but he said their qualification feels sad for other competitors.

“A cheater qualifying for a $30,000,000 tournament is a kick in the junk to the integrity of the Fortnite competitive community,” DrLupo wrote. “I feel for everyone who grinds their butts off to work on their gameplay, only to get pushed out of qualification for NYC by that duo.”

Team Liquid’s Noah “Vivid” Wright thinks the duo’s success sets a bad example for young players.

“You just let cheater into your biggest tournament,” Vivid wrote. Can’t wait for you to explain their story line to a young audience. Should be real interesting.”

FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill echoed that sentiment.

“Let’s go XXIF!,” Nate wrote. “Good stuff Epic games! Love a good redemption story! Remember kids, if you break the law or cheat just wait two weeks and you’ll get $50,000!”

XXiF and Ronaldo had been playing qualifiers since their ban was lifted two weeks ago. With their qualification, they secure at least $50,000 as prize money for placing last in the Fortnite World Cup Finals, starting July 26.