Fortnite devs backtrack on controversial skins age-gate—but it’s not scrapped yet

Epic is listening.

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Epic Games has felt the backlash of its Fortnite community over its decision to age-gate several cosmetics and as a result have removed the feature, at least for now.

Epic is seeking a long-term solution before bringing back its controversial age-gating that resulted in a ton of the game’s cosmetics being restricted in particular modes. The developer will be reviewing its complete range of cosmetics again, the devs explained today, and as of the v28.00 on Dec. 3, fewer than 10 skins will remain restricted.

What this means is most of your favorite skins will be playable again no matter what Fortnite mode or custom island you’re enjoying at the time. Of course, there are a few exceptions, though we don’t know exactly what skins these are yet, they are said to be cosmetics that have “obvious fear or violence elements.”

As you’d expect, Fortnite players were rightfully enraged when they discovered this age-gating feature would initially restrict a ton of the game’s skins. If you’re someone who has been collecting skins or simply dropped the bank on Fortnite over the years to get your favorite characters, finding out you can’t use them in every mode despite paying for them likely felt like a slap in the face. Fortunately, Epic appears to have understood this.

Some players have offered solutions for how Epic can reintroduce age-gating to remedy the parental guideline issues that come with custom islands. The best of these is a blanket toggle that would replace these skins with the default look for parents to have peace of mind with their child gaming while allowing everyone else to see the skins as normal.

It’s too early to tell what Epic’s big solution to this problem will be, but the good news is when the calendar rolls on to Dec. 3, things in Fortnite’s creative islands should be (almost) back to how they were before any talk of age-gating began.


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