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Fortnite data miners find 2 new weapons in game files

Players can expect the new weapons soon.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s v12.10 patch went live today and introduced new items, such as proximity mines and thousands of props for Creative mode. The update addressed various bugs and added llamas back to the game, too. But data miners also discovered files for two new weapons that will likely be introduced soon.

A new version of the Scoped Assault Rifle was found in the game files introduced with the latest update. Fortnite has had a Scoped AR in the past but the weapon was vaulted at the beginning of Chapter Two. Epic has reportedly made several changes to the weapon while it was vaulted, according to data miner HYPEX. The AR will reportedly no longer be fully automatic or semi-automatic and is now a burst fire weapon. The Legendary variant of the weapon has a unique look with a bigger scope and slightly different body design.

The other new weapon found in the files is a Slug Shotgun. This would mark the first time a shotgun with slug rounds would be featured in Fortnite and it’ll reportedly have a much longer effective range. The leaked image of the shotgun looks almost identical to the Heavy Shotgun, but the image may be a placeholder for the time being. The gun could also receive an update before it’s officially released.

Data miners also found several new weapons for the Save the World PvE game mode. The new weapons include two different bow and arrows, submachine gun variants, and pistols. There’s no indication that these weapons will be featured in the battle royale mode, but they could be introduced later.

There isn’t an official release date for the new weapons yet, but players can expect to see them soon considering the files are already present in the game.