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Fortnite data miners discover week 3 and 4 challenges

Get ready to start grinding.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s v12.10 patch introduced a lot of new game files for data miners to explore today. Two new weapons have been discovered so far, which will likely be released soon. Data miners also found the week three and four challenges, as well as the Deadpool challenges for each week.

The challenges for weeks three and four both follow the Top-Secret theme of season two, according to data miner iFireMonkey. Week three’s challenges are reportedly named “TNTina’s Trial,” which is rumored to be one of the new boss characters.

Players will have to use a lot of explosives throughout week three and will visit several locations across the map. One of the more difficult challenges requires players to eliminate two enemies without using any health or shield items in between the eliminations.

The Deadpool challenges for week three will reportedly require players to find his unique toilet plunger and to destroy toilets.

The week four challenges will also require players to use a lot of explosives in unique situations, such as fishing. Players will need to use the new proximity mines that were introduced in the latest update.

Deadpool’s week four challenges ask players to find his signature katanas and to damage opponents’ structures. The Deadpool challenges don’t award players with XP but with unique sprays and items.

The new challenges aren’t officially confirmed and can be changed before they’re released. If the challenges remain unchanged, though, players will have an idea of what to expect next week and can begin preparing.