Fortnite data miners are working on improving tools used for leaks, Lucas7yoshi says | Dot Esports

Fortnite data miners are working on improving tools used for leaks, Lucas7yoshi says

Leakers might start missing more information soon.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale leaks might include even more information about upcoming additions and changes in the future, leaker Lucas7yoshi told Dot Esports.

The tools he and other data miners use to extract information from Fortnite game files every update might get more sophisticated. “I’ve been working with the people who made the tools to hopefully be able to extract more and more information from files,” Lucas said. He said that otherwise not much has changed in how he finds and leaks information in comparison with previous updates.

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The current methods and tools he uses let him get a lot of information from the files. “But sometimes we miss things,” he said. “Most of the time, it’s actually just missing or breaking things, like one moment it might get a variable and a value, and then it might get nothing.” Lucas means that sometimes the tool fails to extract information effectively from Fortnite files, which leaves parts of them unexplored and still a secret to data miners.

Lucas said the improvements will mostly come so that he and other data miners can “just try not to miss anything” when exploring game files for new items and unreleased changes. In any case, data miners have already created new ways of using game files at their favor, such as showing off all upcoming skins and cosmetic items in a single image at once with their names, rarities, and descriptions instead of manually going over them one by one. They can also automatically share updates to the in-game News tab on their Twitter to let followers who are outside of the game know what’s announced as coming soon.

Unfortunately, video leaks revealing whole events and season-ending scenes might be impossible in the near future. Lucas told Dot Esports the previous method of doing so was patched a long time ago, and that the most leakers can do is find hints at what’s coming through information hidden in the game files.

Fans who like sneak peeks at what’s coming in Fortnite may be able to look forward to more thorough and detailed leaks in the future.