Fortnite China leaks possible Chapter 2 start date

Will Fortnite ever come back or are we stuck with the black hole forever?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite fans have been sitting in the dark for almost 24 hours after yesterday’s catastrophic in-game event. But data miners from around the world have joined forces to try to figure out if or when Fortnite will return.

Today, Chinese players were able to witness the season 10 event for themselves and they got the chance to tune into the official Fortnite stream that’s randomly dropping numbers.

While the stream was underway, a Fortnite fan got a screengrab of the Chinese page announcing that Chapter Two is expected to launch on Tuesday, Oct. 15. Epic Games hasn’t commented on when Fortnite Chapter Two is expected to launch, however.

The Fortnite community logged into the game yesterday to be a part of the in-game event that was rumored to introduce the battle royale’s 11th season. Players were able to witness the rocket in Dusty Depot launch into the atmosphere, similar to the first rocket launch event from season four.

After the rocket disappeared from view, several rift portals opened in the sky. Soon, multiple rockets appeared and they began flying into different rifts around the map.

The event concluded with all players being sucked into the portal that was born from the meteor crashing into Loot Lake, creating the infamous black hole that seemingly destroyed Fortnite.

Ben “DrLupo” Lupo and many other Fortnite content creators streamed the event, allowing players to watch the launch if they couldn’t experience it for themselves in-game. Over six million people watched “The End” event.