More than 6 million people watched Fortnite’s “The End” event live

That is a lot of viewers for what could be the end of Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is always one of the top games in terms of viewership across the major streaming platforms, but today was something special, as more than 6 million people watched The End.

The game had more than 4 million viewers on YouTube when the event reached its climax, according to esports journalist Rod Breslau. That means the other mediums, like Mixer, Twitch and Twitter, which were experiencing server issues, had a few million combined.

Those numbers don’t even take into account the number of players actually watching the game live from inside the Fortnite client.

For a game that has had its viewership dip as other games rise up, like Minecraft and WoW Classic, this was the perfect spark to get people interested in the game again.

The viewing numbers have died down now that the explosions are done and the black hole has settled, but there are still 1.5 million people watching what is essentially a waiting screen on Twitch.

This event will likely spiral, leading to a massive increase in viewership whenever Epic Games does put the game back online with whatever new content and features it will have.

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