What do the numbers mean in Fortnite’s black hole screen?

Fans have already started to theory-craft.

Image via Epic Games

After The End event in Fortnite, several numbers have popped up above the black hole during the official Fortnite livestream

The numbers 11, 146, 62, 15, 62, 87, 14, 106, and 2 were shown during the stream. Although there was no context behind the numbers, or so we thought, fans are already beginning to speculate on what these numbers could mean.

One theory suggests that these numbers line-up with the Visitor tapes that were found before the event. The numbers match with a transcripted word. The sentences are therefore “I was not alone,” “Others were outside the loop,” and “This was not calculated.”

The number 11 could be self-explanatory. The End event marked the conclusion of Fortnite season X, so the next logical progression would be Fortnite season 11, which will be released soon. It is expected that a new map will arise from the ashes of the old, with new points of interest. 

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, these numbers are under the “Spooky Numbers” title in the game files. But these numbers could be related to anything.

Epic Games could be trolling us all. According to MrDarlekJD, if the first three numbers are searched on Google, it shows a street view image of a Crab Rave.

Although there isn’t a definitive answer to the numbers, fans will have to keep watching the Fortnite livestream to find more clues. 

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