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Fortnite Chapter 3 ad seemingly leaks online

A Fortnite leaker claims to have seen the ad on TikTok.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is approaching the end of its second chapter later this week. And while nothing is known of what comes next, a potentially leaked promotional ad for Chapter Three might give away some clues..

The footage was found on TikTok by Fortnite leaker freddythefox and was published by an account leakers claim has been used for official promotional material in the past.

In this short clip, we see some of Fortnite’s main cast standing upon a hill on the current map. An explosion shakes things up, and we see the Fortnite island literally tipped upside down. As the ad ends, we see the Fortnite Chapter Three title screen and a wave head straight for Jonesy.

While its authenticity is up for debate, Fortnite fans have begun speculating what Chapter Three will look like based on this clip, as the only visible surface on the map appears to be a desert.

Ultimately this clip doesn’t reveal a whole lot of what will be taking place in Chapter Three or during the Chapter Two finale event. This seemingly leaked footage couldn’t come at a worse time for Epic Games after they urged dataminers not to share any of the contents related to this upcoming season from the 19.00 update.

The Fortnite Chapter Two finale is set to take place on Dec. 4. On Dec. 7, downtime is expected to begin for the 19.00 update. While this clip looks authentic, we won’t know for sure that it is official until either Epic Games publicly shares the clip or we see how things open up for the next chapter.