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Fortnite Chapter 2, season one extended into 2020

Epic is making room for Christmas content.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic Games revealed earlier today that the duration of Fortnite Chapter Two, season one will be increased to run into February 2020.

Many players were expecting a huge Christmas update in December for the holiday season, but it seems like Epic has another idea in mind.

Epic’s blog post refers to last year’s “14 Days of Fortnite” event that celebrated Christmas and promised more content for 2019’s holiday season. For the Christmas season in 2018, Epic hosted the “14 Days of Fortnite” event where players could complete daily challenges to earn in-game experience and event-exclusive cosmetics.

Epic has promised to provide more content with new game features, free rewards, and a live experience. The company didn’t specify what the live experience is, but it could range from an in-game performance like Marshmello’s 2018 Pleasant Park concert or an event like the Mech vs. Monster battle.

Today’s announcement confirms that Fortnite Chapter two, season one will end in early February 2020, but a specific date wasn’t listed.