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Fortnite’s season 8, week 8 challenges have been revealed

Get ready to search for jigsaw puzzle pieces again.

Image via Epic Games

A new set of Fortnite: Battle Royale weekly challenges is now available. These are the week eight challenges of season eight, and they’ll allow players to finally unlock the Ruin outfit from the Discovery challenges.

These challenges can be completed in any Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode, except for Playground. This means players can use Limited Time Modes and big-team modes such as Food Fight and Team Rumble to complete some of these challenges with ease. For difficult challenges, it’s possible to turn on Party Assist when playing with a friend to let them help you in finishing off a challenge.

Week eight challenges are diverse. Players will have to eliminate and deal damage to players in various ways while also visiting giant phones around the island and searching for jigsaw puzzle pieces once more.

Here are all of the Fortnite challenges for season eight, week eight.

Free challenges

Challenge Reward
Stage 1: Search the treasure map signpost found in Paradise Palms
Stage 2: Search the X on the treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms
5 Battle Stars total
Use Vending Machines in different matches (3)5 Battle Stars
Deal damage to opponents while using at least one balloon (100)10 Battle Stars

Premium challenges

Challenge Reward
Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under bridges and in caves (7) 5 Battle Stars
Stage 1: Dial the Durrr Burger number on the big telephone west of Fatal Fields
Stage 2: Dial the Pizza Pit number on the big telephone east of The Block
5 Battle Stars total
Eliminate opponents at Dusty Divot or Lucky Landing (7)10 Battle Stars
Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away (2)10 Battle Stars

The best way to complete the “search” and “dial” challenges is in a big-team mode. Several players will be there completing these challenges with you, but they’ll most likely be allies who won’t eliminate you when you try to do so.

For the elimination challenges, the best way to attempt them is in respawn-enabled modes, such as Team Rumble. You won’t be punished that much if you die, so you can just try again and go for another player if you fail to get an elimination.

When you’ve completed all week eight challenges, you’ll have to complete all challenges from the previous seven weeks to see and get the secret Banner of week eight.