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Fortnite’s 6.30 cosmetics leak reveals upcoming mage sets

Some new cosmetics might be in the in-game Item Shop soon.

Image via Epic Games

Recent bans for Fortnite: Battle Royale dataminers and leakers didn’t stop some users from finding new cosmetics hidden within the 6.30 update files.

The website Skin-Tracker leaked cosmetics this time, finding several new character outfits after today’s update, including a male version of the Power Chord outfit.

It doesn’t mean that these cosmetics will definitely be added to Fortnite: Battle Royale, but past datamines have been confirmed a few days after their leak, when Epic started adding the outfits, gliders, and back blings to the in-game Item Shop.

Images via Skin-Tracker

There are two blue-and-red mage outfits, a male version called Castor and a female version called Elmira. Elmira wears glasses and a blue wizard hat, and Castor has a gray beard and wears a hood. Two datamined back blings, Spellbinder and Tome Pouch, seem to be part of their sets, as well as a staff with a blue gem on its tip.

Image via Skin-Tracker

The male version of the punk skin Power Chord is named Riot. It is a tattooed character with a sleeveless leather jacket and a pink mohawk.

Images via Skin-Tracker

The two last outfits revealed so far don’t give too much clue about what they are. There’s a character called Taro that wears a white mask adorned with red and golden accessories on the shoulder pads and on its mask. Another female character called Maki Master seems to be wearing a white robe with white and blue details on the folds. The datamined sushi back bling Shrimpy seems to fit her theme pretty well.

Image via Skin-Tracker

An extremely funny chicken glider was also found in the files.

If this leak is as accurate as previous ones, players can expect some of these cosmetic items to hit the in-game Item Shop in the following days.

This story will be updated as new items are datamined.