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Fortnite 6.21 update datamine reveals shogun and Mad Max-esque sets

New and mysterious sets of items were found in the game files.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite 6.21 update brought more information hidden in its files for dataminers to reveal. As soon as this update went live today, dataminer Lucas7yoshi shared photos on Reddit of all the new character skins, gliders, back blings, and pickaxed discovered within the game files.

The character outfits include a man and a woman in a Mad Max-esque outfit, a Halloween version of the Cuddle Team Leader, and a female version of the character riding a Fortnite llama in the Giddy-Up outfit. The other skins are a male and female special ops in a blue and green outfit, a shogun skin, and a pair of male and female that are a scary blue and red bunny and dog. Despite representing different animals, they seem to fit the same theme.

There’s also a set with a V-Buck image next to it, which can either be part of a new console bundle or an in-game V-Bucks promotion.

The bunny and dog are also part of the back blings found in the game files. A pumpkin filled with candies comes a bit late for the Halloween party, but it will be there. Apart from another set of wings and some mechanical devices, a weird back bling features a cracked black block with two white circles on it that look like CDs.

The gliders that were found in the game files match some of the skins. There’s one for the shogun, another for the dog and bunny set, a steampunk glider, and a modern mechanical glider that fits perfectly the new duo of special ops outfit.

The pickaxes that were discovered probably belong to the same set of the gliders that were found, since their theme is the same.

The most recent datamines have been proven correct in the week after they were released. Nearly all items become available sometime during the week after the update is out. Players can expect these new skins to be rotating in and out of the in-game item shop for the next weeks.