Fortnite’s latest update now includes a nerf to resources and explosive ammo

A number of adjustments have been made.

Image via Epic Games

A number of balance changes are coming to Fortnite in update 4.3, and they aim to change the way the late game is played in Battle Royale.

“We are making the following changes to address a few top concerns, including: Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher dominance in the late game, Minigun effectiveness, and overall resource availability,” Epic Games said in the announcement. “We will be closely monitoring these changes when they are live to assess the impact and re-adjust as necessary.”

In an effort to make shooting down structures a bit easier, damage fall-off versus structures has been removed for rifles, SMG’s, pistols, and LMG’s. This should make taking down bases with ammo a bit quicker.

There’s also a nerf to the amount of supplies that you receive from a Supply Llama. The material stacks have been reduced to 200 from 500. Also getting nerfed in Llamas is explosive ammo, which has been removed entirely.

To reduce overall resource availability, material drop chances in floor loot and material stack sizes in floor loot have both been reduced by 33 percent. Conversely, ammo availablity has been adjusted a bit as well, with light ammo stack sizes increasing from 12 to 18, but explosive ammo availability decreased by 50 percent across the board.

Meanwhile, the minigun has seen a pretty substantial buff. Accuracy on the loud weapon has been increased by 10 percent, the amount of ammo it spawns with has been increased from 60 to 100, and damage against structures has been increased from 25 to 30. To make C4 remote explosives more useful against structures, the explosion radius has been increased from 400 to 600.

In short, it really seems like the focus is on making taking down structures more viable without the reliance on explosives. The changes are now live in-game, so make sure to let Epic Games know what you think.