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Everything we know about Fortnite’s Deadpool event

Deadpool's taking over the battle royale.

Image via Epic Games

Get ready, Fortnite fans. After weeks of leaks, Epic Games confirmed it’s collaborating with Marvel once more to bring fans of the battle royale a new event. But this time, Deadpool’s taking over.

The official Deadpool Twitter account posted a picture of a cruise ship from Fortnite with a caption stating the anti-hero’s plans to “[crash] this party” tomorrow. The Fortnite Twitter account then retweeted the post with a set of suspicious eyes.

But although Epic remained tight-lipped on what’s exactly included with the event, several well-known Fortnite leakers have shared data-mined images of weapon skins, Deadpool-decorated map locations, and a Deadpool character skin. Even the game’s supply drops and Battle Bus will be modeled after the anti-hero.

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This won’t be the first time Epic has partnered with Marvel. The two companies teamed up last year to promote Avengers: Endgame and launched a special Thanos game mode in which players took on the role of Marvel heroes or the Mad Titan to gain control of the six Infinity Stones.

When does Fortnite’s Deadpool event launch?

Based on Deadpool’s tweet, Fortnite fans can expect to see the Marvel hero join the battle royale tomorrow, April 3. Epic has yet to reveal an official time for Deadpool’s addition to the live servers, however.