Epic releases Fortnite Chapter 2 v11.10.1 patch - Dot Esports

Epic releases Fortnite Chapter 2 v11.10.1 patch

The patch "addresses a cosmetic issue," according to Epic.

Image via Epic Games

A new patch for Fortnite Chapter Two has been implemented, Epic Games announced through the official Fortnite Status Twitter account earlier today.

The v11.10.1 patch was first released for Xbox One, Mac, and Android and will require a download. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS users will also need to download the patch when it becomes available later today.

Epic didn’t reveal exactly what was included in the patch except that it “addresses a cosmetic issue.”

We aren’t sure which cosmetic issue the v11.10.1 patch has fixed, but it could have something to do with the release of the popular Ghoul Trooper skin in the Item Shop on Oct. 30.

We’ll update this article if Epic releases an official set of patch notes.