Epic Games will reportedly host a $500,000 Solo event this Friday—at the same time as Friday Fortnite | Dot Esports

Epic Games will reportedly host a $500,000 Solo event this Friday—at the same time as Friday Fortnite

KEEMSTAR definitely isn't a fan of this decision.

Image via Epic Games

The second installment in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish series will be a $500,000 Solo tournament taking place on Friday, July 20, according to esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

After an abysmal opening event in the eight-week tournament series last week, with the $250,000 Duos event being called early due to persistent server lag, it seems like the Summer Skirmish series is coming back with a bigger prize pool this week. The timing of the event has angered one of the community’s event organizers, however.

YouTuber Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem has been co-hosting Friday Fortnite, a weekly Duos tournament featuring internet personalities and pro players, for the past two and a half months. On July 12, KEEMSTAR tweeted that he’d be moving the Friday Fortnite tournaments to Sunday—a move later revealed to accommodate the Summer Skirmish series—after the July 13 and July 20 events took place.

Unfortunately, it seems Epic has decided to upstage the final Friday Fortnite tournament. KEEMSTAR tweeted out a video earlier today confirming the scheduling conflict and expressing disappointment in Epic.

In the video, KEEMSTAR confirmed he would be going ahead with the final Friday Fortnite tournament, even saying YouTubers told him they would be playing in Friday Fortnite instead of the Summer Skirmish tournament.

“I’m talking to all these YouTubers right now and they’re playing Friday Fortnite,” KEEMSTAR said. “This is what you get for not communicating with me, not working with me, and just being Epic. Just being Epic. You be Epic. I’ll be KEEMSTAR.”

Although Epic hasn’t confirmed the $500,000 Solo tournament, it looks like a near certainty that fans will be able to watch some of their favorite players this Friday. In the first week, many harshly criticized the Summer Skirmish’s laggy server, nonexistent observer mode, and campy format. These are all things Epic will hopefully have solutions for come this Friday.