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Bugha gets 27 eliminations in Fortnite Solo Arena match

It's not even his personal record.

Image via Epic Games

One of the best Fortnite players in the world, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, show his prowess in a ranked match earlier today. 

The Fortnite Solo World Cup winner eliminated over one-fourth of the lobby to take the Victory Royale after winning an intense build-battle toward the conclusion of the match. But this isn’t even his highest kill game. 

The task was increasingly difficult because Bugha had low HP, low shield, and low materials in the final fight. He was forced to move to the low-ground, which is a disadvantage for most players. But not Bugha. He used his Rockets to break the opponent’s stairs, bringing him in reach. To end the match with style, he eliminated the opponent mid-air with his Shotgun. 

The North American player wasn’t shocked by his dominant performance. “OK, that was 27 kills,” he said. 

Bugha’s achievement is significant because he was playing against opponents that share the same skill-level. Fortnite Solo Arenas is a ranked-based progression gamemode that grants players ranks for each division they climb. 

In July, before his World Cup victory, Bugha eliminated 62 opponents to win a match. This is obviously an incredible achievement in Fortnite, considering there are 100 opponents in each game. 

At the Fortnite World Cup later in July, Bugha finished his final match with five eliminations, which granted him 59 points and the victory—a dominant performance. The player in second place, Harrison “Psalm” Chang, only won 33 points.

There clearly isn’t a Ranked player around who can stop one of the best Fortnite players in the world.