Fortnite v7.10 content update No. 2 patch notes: Boom Box - Dot Esports

Boom Box added to Fortnite: Battle Royale in v7.10’s second content update

Drop the beat.

Image via Epic Games

Another brand-new item has been introduced to Fortnite: Battle Royale this holiday season.

The Boom Box is now available in Fortnite as a part of Epic Games’ second content update for v7.10. “Drop the bass with the newest item available in Battle Royale, the Boom Box,” Epic said. “Crank the volume and toss it at enemy structures to tear down their defenses.”

Based on the patch notes, activating the Boom Box will “create powerful blasts of music that deal structure damage in a large area.” Any newly-built walls that are close enough to the Boom Box will be destroyed by its blast, but you can shoot the device to “stop its effects.”

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The Boom Box marks the second item added to Fortnite recently as a part of a content update this holiday season. Presents were previously added a week ago in the first content update for v7.10.

The patch notes didn’t specify where players can find a Boom Box in-game, but if it’s like Presents, they’ll be available in floor loot, chests, or Supply Drops.