Best Fortnite skins, ranked (2023)

Victory Royales only matter if you look good while getting them.

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Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is famous for its cosmetics, and letting players customize the look of their character. Whether it’s an original Fortnite character or one of many crossovers, these outfits let the player show off their own style and favorite franchises.

In Chapter Four, season three, there have been several great outfits added to the game. Many players have been working hard to complete their battle pass and unlock all the best new outfits and styles to come to the game.

Here are the best skins in Fortnite for August 2023.

What are the best Fornite skins?

10. Peely

Giant banana named Peely waves
Screengrab via Epic Games

Everyone’s favorite banana buddy deserves a spot on any list of best Fortnite skins. Peely has been in the game since Chapter One: Season Eight, and has received several skin variations since then. Peely was most recently featured in a Resistance quest, where the player teaches them how to drive.

9. Master Chief

Master Chief skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

The most famous Spartan in Halo finally made it into Fortnite as his own Outfit. Players can slip into the famous MJOLNIR armor and take on the flood of enemies ahead of them. The Master Chief Outfit was first added on Dec. 11, 2020, and has returned a few times since.

8. Son Goku

Son Goku skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Everybody loves Goku and luckily, he is in Fortnite for all to enjoy! He comes with alternate versions including many of the Super Saiyan forms like Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct. He was introduced in Chapter Three: Season Three.

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2. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake stands with his arms crossed
Image via Epic Games

Anyone who grew up with Naruto was very excited when Fortnite announced they’d be putting the famous ninjas in the game. The most experienced and coolest of them by far is Kakashi Hatake, who fights for what he believes in.

7. Renzo the Destroyer

Renzo the Destroyer skin in Fortnite

Renzo the Destroyer is a pretty recent Legendary Skin from Chapter Four: Season Two. However he has gained much popularity, given his super edgy characteristics. He was available in the Battle Pass and had many alternate versions, including a cool jacket.

6. Fishstick

Fortnite's Fishstick skin looking directly at the camera with a tree in the background.
Image via Epic Games

Who can deny a cutie like Fishstick. It makes you want to never eat a fish, unless you’re super low on health of course. Fishstick was introduced in Season 7 from the Fish Food Set and has many alternate fashions. However, the OG is always the cutest. He costs 1200 V-Bucks via the shop.

5. The Red Knight

Red Knight skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Coming in the shop costing a whopping 2000 V-Bucks, the Red Knight is amongst one of the first Legendary skins in Fortnite. She was first released in Season 2 and was part of the Fort Knights Set.

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4. Gwen Stacey

Image via Epic Games

Spider-Gwen was part of the Marvel Series and is one of the many Spider-Men skins in Fortnite. She was introduced in Chapter Three: Season Four and was obtainable through spending Battle Stars on the season’s Battle Pass. Unfortunately, players have not seen her in the shop again.

3. Meow Skulls

Image via Epic Games

Everyone can enjoy cats, especially a cute one in a beanie! Meow Skulls is an epic skin and players cannot get enough of them. They were part of the Cali-Cool set during Chapter Three: Season Four and only could be obtained through spending Battle Stars during the season’s Battle Pass.

1. Polar Peely

Polar Peely skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Polar Peely can be seen as a sweaty skin in Fortnite. Whenever they dart into your crosshairs, you can either face them or hide away. Either way, equipping this skin means you mean business. Peely’s frozen counterpart was released in Chapter Three: Season One and was part of the Frozen Series.

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5. Agent Jonesy

Agent Jonesy skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Adding a story to Fortnite’s OG skin Jonsey was the best thing Epic could have done. Jonesy has many different skins in Fortnite, however, Agent Jonesy has to be one of the best. He is part of the Agent Jones Set. He was only obtainable through the Chapter Six: Season Two Battlepass.

4. Chun Li

Chun Li skin in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Whether you’re a fan of fighting games or enjoy Streetfighter specifically, Chun-Li has kicked her way into Fortnite. She is a Gaming Legends Series Outfit and can be purchased 1600 V-Bucks from the shop. She was last seen in the shop in August of 2022 and fans are patiently awaiting her return.

3. Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 skin readying to attack
Image via Epic Games

With the popularity of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Spiderman 2099 is definitely one of the popular skins in Fortnite. Coming from Chapter Four: Season Two, 2099 is 1500 V-Bucks. He comes with a cool animated render as well as a cape. Everyone wants to be the villain and you can now in Fortnite when you equip Spiderman 2099.

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2. Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider stands with a purple backdrop
Image via Epic Games

Seen as a rare OG skin, Renegade Raider hails from Season 1 and is part of the Storm Scavenger Set. As everyone has their eyes set on this prized skin, she has not been seen in the shop for years. Many have the highest hopes that Renegade Raider will make a debut and that they will be able to finally equip her.

1. Aura

Aura (Charming Aura) skin standing in front of a yellow backdrop.
Image via Epic Games

Aura, originally made by u/fantasyfull via Reddit, is known as the most ‘sweaty skin’ in Fortnite! Introduced in Chapter One: Season Eight, Aura was hyped up and her popularity reigns across the game today. While being an Uncommon skin, players still seem to enjoy equipping the red-headed Treasure Hunter. Aura is 800 V-Bucks in the shop.

Coolest Fortnite skin in 2023

Furmidable Meowscles

Furmidable Meowscles surfing on a vine
Image via Epic Games

You cannot deny that all of the Meowscles skins are super cute. Look at those eyes! Specifically, Furmidable Meowscles, the bodybuilder, jungle-living kitty-cat is an Epic Skin and hails from Chapter Four: Season Three. He was part of the Taste of Purradise Set and had many cool missions leading up to the final prize, a cool, Hawaiian t-shirt wearing cat with sandals. He was only obtainable in the season’s Battle Pass and, in my opinion, the coolest skin in Fortnite.


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