Best Fortnite LFG Discord Servers

It's time to squad up!

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games, and playing alone without teammates can lead to a frustrating experience. While starting the game, most players face difficulties understanding Fortnite’s building and movement mechanics, creating a massive skill gap. The game has evolved over the years, and players can queue in building and zero-build game modes. However, the essential mechanics remain the same, and it’s ideal for playing with friends or random teammates to understand how the game works. 

Communication between teammates is the key to success in a battle royale game. Although it can be challenging to find friends playing simultaneously, you can always look for new teammates on various Discord servers. The servers have players from around the world, making it easy for you to find a suitable teammate in the same time zone. Similarly, you will find equally skilled players, which makes it perfect for grinding the ranked mode. So, if you want to team up with other players but don’t know where to start, we have you covered with a list of the best Fortnite Discord servers to join!

Here are the best Fortnite LFG Discord servers to join and find teammates.

Best Fortnite LFG Discord Servers

Official Fortnite Discord

The official Fortnite Discord server is the best place to look for squadmates. Start by checking the rules and regulations, and sign up by completing the verification process. Players need to select their platform and region in the LFG Role channel. Players from every region and time zone are on this server, and you will have to interact in the text channels to get familiarized with the community. There are specific region-based channels where you will find teammates for competitive and casual games and voice channels that players can join after finding teammates.  

East and EU Open 

East Open is a community-run Discord server where players will find teammates to play Fortnite. Read through the rules and regulations, and verify via the Yunite bot. Similar to the East Open, there is the EU Open with over 180,000 members. Dedicated to the European region, players will get to grinding rank by finding teammates from this server. The best performing players will also participate in practice server and pro scrims.


ProSettings is another popular Discord server with players from various regions. Check the rules, and verify yourself in the assign roles channel. Interact in the region-specific channels to find new teammates, and queue in with them in Fortnite. Besides Fortnite, players will also find teammates for different games like CS:GO and VALORANT.

Elite Customs

Elite Customs is one of the biggest community-run Fortnite LFG Discord servers for players from the EU Region. After joining the server, you need to link your Epic account and verify with the Yunite bot. Complete the verification process, and the channels will appear. Interact with others to find teammates in the looking for group channel. Console players can join the Elite Console Customs server to find teammates and participate in custom matches.

G2 Atlantis Scrims

G2 Atlantis Discord server is regulated by the community and has over 100,000 members. There are two specific servers dedicated to regional scrims. Check the resources channel to find the invitations for G2 Scrims EU, and G2 Scrims NA. Interact with others in the LFG channels, and you will find teammates to play Fortnite within a specific time zone. The verification process is via the Yunite bot linking with your Epic account.