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All Jetpack locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2

Reach for new heights with the Jetpack

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is constantly introducing new mechanics and equipment to shake up the island and all its Loopers. The most recent war update brought Egg Launchers and Jetpacks back to the game and a new battlefront at Condo Canyon. Now, players are curious about how to snag a Jetpack of their own.

The Jetpacks have been rumored for weeks and were finally released early on April 12. The easiest way to find one on the map is to go to the nearest Imagined Order blimp to search for one. There should be at least one stuck to the wall, waiting for you to grab it. Consider looking near the openings with the fan blades and cannons if you’re having trouble.

There are currently five blimps left on the map after the crash at The Daily Bugle. You can still find Jetpacks on the blimps at Command Cavern, Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, Rocky Reels, and Condo Canyon. The latter is where the current battle is being held, so players should be prepared for that blimp and its Jetpacks to go down next. Some NPCs will also be able to sell you a Jetpack.

Using the Jetpack is as easy as pressing the jump button twice. You’ll hold the button for as long as you want to float, or until the fuel runs out, and release it to head back to the ground. You don’t need to have it currently equipped to use it either. Just having it in your inventory is enough.

While Epic Games may have unvaulted the Jetpack, it isn’t without its changes. The item will allow the player to hover and strafe while aiming. This new iteration of the Jetpack is just what the Loopers and The Seven need to fight back against the IO.