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Egg Launcher and Jetpack unvaulted in Fortnite

Are you egg-cited?

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite introduces regular updates each week to shake up the battle royale. This week marked the end of the battle for The Daily Bugle and the start of the fight for Condo Canyon. In addition to The Daily Bugle being under The Seven’s control, returning items have been released in the battle against the Imagined Order.

The Jetpack and Egg Launcher have both been unvaulted, according to data miner ShiinaBR.

The Jetpack in Fortnite allows the player to travel to new heights in bursts, getting an aerial advantage over any enemies. For the Zero Build mode, this introduces a new way to get around that used to be available by building stairs. The Jetpack, paired with the latest climbing mechanic, will help Zero Build players get to higher vantage points.

While there had been rumors of a Jetpack in the weeks prior, the Egg Launcher was an unexpected addition to the game. Just in time for Easter later this week, the Egg Launcher is an explosive weapon that works similar to other launchers. In addition, players can find blue rarity launchers on the floor and higher rarities in chests.

In addition to the new weapon, a special consumable is also hidden around the map. Special Bouncy Eggs will give the player lower gravity, allowing them to bounce across the map. Players will be able to engage in their own Easter egg hunts across the island as they look for ammo and consumables to make the battle easier.

There’s no indication whether the Egg Launcher will stay for the rest of the season or if it’s just a temporary addition. In either case, players who want to try it out should get their hands on one as soon as possible.